Digital Age Of Personal Information

There is a huge debate going on around personal data and how organizations such as Facebook, Apple, and Google use that data…. Let us first say, for better or for worse, that when you agree to the terms and services to use these sites, you agree that they can virtually do anything they want with your data. Furthermore, because most of these services are free, the real cost of admission is your data and your ability to be marketed. We do not necessarily agree with the way organizations use this data, and they absolutely need to do more to protect improper use of it. However, what people forget is that we are still in the infancy of the digital age, and it is almost impossible to predict how one may improperly use personal digital data. Organizations like Facebook, Apple, and Google are all trying harder to protect people’s personal data, but they can never be absolute. Furthermore, let’s not forget that regardless of how organizations “properly” use this data, there are always hackers trying to gain access to this information as well. With all of that said, it is critically important to take your data protection into your own hands and be cautious of how and what data you share with any digital organization (not just Facebook, Apple, and Google). Unfortunately, if you use social media, have a cellphone, or use the internet for that matter, your data will always be at risk the less personal information you share on/with digital entities, the less likely you will have issues in the end.

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